Books by Linda Rooks

BrokenHeartCover2Broken Heart on Hold, Surviving Separation

A person who is separated or in marital crisis walks a lonely road—one filled with quiet moments of despair and an almost suffocating fear. He or she desperately desires understanding, clings to hope, and longs for a caring supportive friend. Broken Heart on Hold is that friend. The honest, heartfelt messages reach down into the valleys of the reader’s loneliness, travel with them through their mental labyrinths and shed a light in the dark tunnels where answers seem nonexistent. Broken Heart on Hold offers wisdom, insight, and encouragement as well as practical advice to help the reader sort through the confusion and find emotional and spiritual strength. Firmly rooted in scripture, the book offers wisdom, strength, and hope.


The Bunny Side of Easter, children’s picture bookBunny Side of Easter Cover 500

On Easter morning, as parents watch their children scurry about the yard, looking for Easter eggs , many feel a disconnect

between the legend of the Easter bunny and the real meaning of Easter. The Bunny Side of Easter fills the gap, taking children on an exciting and charming adventure with hints of allegory that point children to the true significance of Easter.

The Bunny Side of Easter is an exciting adventure about an ordinary rabbit who became the Easter bunny and went to the moon. Lost in a forest on Easter eve, a mischievous rabbit, a plucky duck and a playful monkey face a fearsome tiger. Can they save themselves and the little angel who was kind to them? Will the angel discover the truth about her power? A tale of fears faced and friendships gained.

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